Indiana Laborers' health & welfare Fund

The Indiana Health and Welfare Department is here to help all members in Indiana with their insurance and pension.  If you are a member, and have any questions,  you may call the Health and Welfare department at 1-800-962-3158.  The link below will take you to their website. There you can find links to provider's websites, contact information, and downloadable forms for bookkeeping and to update any information that may have changed.

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Live Health OnLine


What is Live Health Online

Live health online is available to any of our members, giving them online doctor's advice and consultation.  

When using the website link below or the app, you can choose a doctor and speak via video chat.  You can chose your doctors based on your needs, preferences, and the reason for your call.  

Online Doctors

Support Linc


What Is Support Linc

Our Heath and Welfare Department is always looking to help our members in any way they can.  With Support Linc, our members can find support for everyday issues, whenever it is needed.  It is a confidential hotline that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

How to Contact

You can call the direct phone number 1-888-881-5462, or follow the link bellow.  We also have cards and pamphlets in our office for your convenience.   

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