our business manager & Field Representatives


Local 741

Our local was founded April 13, 1936, and is currently one of the largest locals in Indiana.  

We have three offices; our main office is in Bloomington, IN. Our satellite offices are in Columbus, IN and Lawrenceburg, IN


Business Manager / Secretary-Treasurer


LiUNA Local 741's Business Manager is Ray Hobbs. Mr. Hobbs became our Business Manager / Secretary-Treasurer in April of 2015, but has been a long standing member for over 20 years.  

If you would like to contact Mr. Hobbs, his phone number is (812)-584-2711


Field Representatives


Bloomington, IN - Terry Pittman   (812)-276-6119

Columbus, IN - Michael Hardy   (812)-350-4210

Lawrenceburg, IN - Lonnie Whitaker   (812)-290-1536